Monday, July 02, 2007

Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health International Social Inclusion Of Runner Up Poem From Melbourne Oz

The Runner Up For The International KangerCog Poem Award

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RUTH (The Texty Whirlwindslinger Oz Kid)

Ruth first came to UserWatch's attention when a kind of energy was felt thrumming through the digital bush and a bounding somewhere or other was apparent, which made our keyboards leap a little .....

We too had watched the hallucinated UK mental health services film "No-Cure-assic Park" and we held onto our dithering tea cups and occasional jumping four XXXX's...This was powerful country we were entering....We shivered ...And its good to shiver one in a while ..

By skillful tracking we found she had come across our dried out UK spoor and wicked skin hangings of Mental Health Staff ... By a bit of spirit play and cave like voyeurism we watched her take back some mad UserWatch tapestry to an Oz dancing ground to re-stitch someone up.

This was brilliant and primitive and then we found a picture of her which was slinky dreamscapes all over ..We checked her out and discovered she was a thinker YES and slinker rolled into one .. It was a WOW day and the bones clinked messages of approval . We also found she has a heart ... Like we at Userwatch she's angry with the systems that do not validate and see people's real pain and stories and leave us to remake the movie's of our half lost truths..

She bunged us an electron scroll our way with these words on below and we knew once again Kangercogs live and DNA and digital humans are out there in metaphorlands and the spirit of some integrity remains on its long walkabout.... Yeah ... Well done Ruth .. Your heart is its own reward...

CBT Song (with apologies to Eric Idle)


Fuck you very much for CBT
Fuck you very much for reminding me
That the way I feel has no relation to what's real
And that no one really cares what happened to me

So fuck you very much for CBT
For trivialising and reducing me
To an emotional bureaucrat in my crisis management hat
I shouldn't say shouldn't, and even ought at that

I should make my bed and comb my hair in my railroad flat
So fuck you all so very much.

Also See Eric Idle & John Cleese Film On Ruth's Blog




Ruth said...

Thanks PG, I do enjoy a bit of international social inclusion every now and then, but as it does have a somewhat soporific, seductive, disinhibiting effect, I do have to be careful not to over-indulge. X. Ruth.

PatientGuard said...

Your Kangercog Astral And rum flavoured Certificate has been awarded and is probably flying around your person right now ..M

Disinhibit away and sopor it down and naturally take a little care ...