Friday, June 08, 2007

Will CSIP (NIMHE) Be Toasted By The Dept Of Health ?

No-one can quite tell if the National Institute For Mental Health in England (NIMHE) experiment originally set up partly by Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health (whose agent was PIPEX Communications Hostings LTD) that registered the Domain name of NIMHE on 3rd April 2001 will be kaput-ed soon. There are rumours cooking that CSIP (Care Services Improvement Partnership) a NIMHE morphling, is going to be toasted by the Dept Of Health .....

This cannot happen too soon for some of us . NIMHE by 2008 is likely to have cost 100 Million pounds .

That is a lot of lost opportunities for real front line recovery strategies and managment strategies of some User's mental health conditions ..

NIMHE itself was staffed often by ex university types who had a bout or a few of depressions with a few other MH assortlings thrown in. They were not all bad folk either - many became disenchanted having been sucked into the "experimental new NIMHE diet" which became a meetings culture and a paper churn ..

Rumours suggest that far from really attracting Services Users from all walks of life into it, NIMHE eventually lost the innovation plot it started with and Users walked away from it.

NIMHE partly resurrected its energy in 2005 by using more of the "Carer" side of various "Service Users In Partnership" (SUIP) regional groups whish formed the idea for CSIP and also cross organisationally adopting some of the Mental Health Charities "Anti stigma" stances with its creation of SHIFT.

SHIFT duplicated efforts being made by RETHINK with its own over-egged anti stigma pudding mix and failed Churchill straitjacket statue bid to turn around their idea of "public stigma" againt mental illness .....

Its clear, the Mental Health Charities now rapidly repositioning themselves for "Third Sectorisation" of the Mental Health colonies have had advantages of belonging both to NIMHE Advisory Boards where they "advised" the DoH but also have had an influence on the outcomes of policy . They really were well positioned and Govt encouraged it over and above a reform of real patient choice .. Real patient choice in mental health has never been trusted - probably because many folk would want a genuine therapy post crisis rather than a NHS void ..

The real sell out strongly NIMHE generated, has been the centre-ist ideas about Patients being shunted off into maintsreaming whilst often they have never had quality treatments and longer term supports afterwards . In the UK the poverty of therapies and approaches developed by and around the managing-patient as per usual have avoided the difficult job of unraveling causes , creating robust present supports, and creating a new form of habitability inside many conditions that have been worsened if not caused by atrocious early developments in what becomes later "patients" ...

NIMHE (CSIP) has been a systems delivery vehicle that took away money from the people it pontificated to do good by while putting some of them into as volunteers where their benefits were reviewed which created hardship and distress . UserWatch knows of cases of this ..

Yes.........We at USERWATCH hope its all toasted by the equally wasteful Dept of Health ....When the toasting comes we'll be there ...


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