Thursday, February 15, 2007

CBT Versus CPT (Choice (for) Patient Therapy) The Boxing Match ?

In truth many psychological therapies maketh Patient Choice in mental health.

The petition requesting more therapy choices other than CBT has tonight as UserWatch reports UK time 10.55 p.m. very nearly become 7000 signatures .. (6998)

Mental health is not the most popular issue in the UK so the therapy petition is doing well really . Whether it will make a difference to a Govt with an eye for cheaper mental health is another thing but the hearted sideshow of a little spirit is good thing ..

It has sparked partly ambivalent attitudes amongst some Users in a context threatened by long term Govt attrition which has created an anxiety about availability of resources for Users . Yet the Govt has been criticised for creating a core policy which revolves more around crisis and less around purchase and choices by Users which will sustain the management of their conditions and or as much recovery as they can muster ..

The petition forms an insight therefore into not merely patient choice but also the right to recover with therapies that fit the patient . Who decides ?

Well right now we know who decides for the patient . This is a small moment therefore in the history of what might become possible for more patients if there is a will ..

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to consider other psychotherapy approaches, not only cbt, in the proposed expansion of psychotherapeutic services within the NHS, instead of restricting choice for members of the public to one only model of therapy. More details

Submitted by Sheila Haugh of British Association of the Person Centred Approach – Deadline to sign up by: 03 March 2007 –

Signatures: 6,998 "

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