Saturday, January 20, 2018

West Midlands Labour Party Where Are The #MH2 Activists?

We had information passed onto us about the deserted areas of Mental Health activism in Birmingham and the West Mids.  Someone had phoned up to ask West Midlands Labour:  "Where are the Mental Health Activists?" ....The answer we understand  was : 

"We do not know, there might be some but we do not know who or where they are"  ... That's been passed onto us. So now you know it's a deserted area apart from the "right noises" once in while coming out of MP's mouths 

For sure we are wondering too.. The latest anti-benefit 2018 Work Driven Recovery Model/designs by the CCG Commissioners  across Birmingham trying to get Serious Mental Illness (SMI's) into work raises real concerns. 

We've had it passed onto us that some concerns have been raised with Jack Dromey M.P.  and others.. One major concern is how come the Birmingham  SMI's involved have not had a proper audit of how many were child abused?  It's known on the patient community that many patients have been wrecked as kids like that. It's important so a view can be taken on how to remedy long term unheard damages.

We, like others and many professionals know all this is buried inside Mental Health systems and it has caused lifelong fragmentation of many minds..... We know because:  "Trust Us We Are Patients". We have already pointed out too on UserWatch that Psychologist John Read's 2006 meta-study of altogether 30 thousand studies showed high correlations with child abuses and later psychosis. 

We know of many life-stories too and the shattering origins of so many buckled minds who were often switched off by drugs from any fuller witnessing of their Selves in psycho-dynamic type therapies ... You might ask :  What  therapies are on offer to the SMI's who are being driven into a Work Driven Day Service Recovery model?  Bugger all  actually.

So evidentially a few SMI's have had lightweight CBT in the SMI's population in Birmingham   (see Aaron Becks ideas on what CBT is) ) which is a type of rationalist approach.... A few ... But CBT does not cut the mustard when people need to deal with mourning historical child abuse/trauma damages which emerge as  felt trauma in their bodies. There was only one Personality Disorder type we could see in the pilot at the BSMHFT  and no Schitzophrenics.. (the type often with high child abuse trauma backgrounds)

Those few SMI patients we have heard from  in Birmingham,  who purchased private therapies know their childhood damages were rarely heard for years and years in the NHS services and thus they knew there is an unaddressed trauma-drive to seek a "Hearing" ..... It's an unmet need .. It's an emotional/biologic drive to be seen and heard properly. Otherwise we are ape-like-dogs and barking without fully articulating what's really happened and needs mourning (crying about). Without help kids dissociate too but the energy of trauma comes through in the end.  

But there is largely a CBT monotherapy culture  in the UK although around the edges of it there are still some practitioners of mixtures of other approaches....SMI's have languished therefore for years often without a hearing help for their inner worlds of memory and feelings.

Deep pained feelings in many SMI's are those very things (historic unresolved feelings) that drive the pain inside them of the unheard child inside damaged adults that end up hearing the voices of original persecutors that never wanted to hear them anyway ....Punished for existence .  You can do a lot about the past of emotional damages - you can create hearings and  places to cry and be witnessed properly. You can rebuild selves that way to tolerate the terrible things that have happened to them through emotionally mourning events... In tears ..Otherwise the emotional past powers itself all through any part of the rational mind like a steamroller into a crisis.   

Not in the Birmingham NHS though does emotional focused solutions predominate with it's rationalistic rich mental health bureaucacy and often superficial anti-emotional/risk averse ways ... How can anyone truly heal if they are not allowed to truly feel as deep as they need to ?  Poor SMI's do not stand a damn chance in life without better more enduring therapies and hearings.

"Get 'em to Work ! ....".... The 19th Century survives still with it's blacking out hatred of pained feelings/emotions put into policies that ignore the vast truth of often child abused lives .....Therefore in Birmingham SMI's are being sold the wrong policies and drivers to get well .... That's not just a shame ...It's wasting money and time and creating jobs for the 3rd sector chosen to deliver the dream of Commissioners and the Government ...What are they?  Work Chains on Service Users by newer service classes with shared intellectualized illusions .....    

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#MH2 Stop Over-Medicating Child Abused Adults -Therapy First!

  By PatientGuard 

Come on you brilliant middle class healthcare admin classes and you  #MeToo Twitterers in and around Mental Health (MH),  and you Psychiatrists ! #MH2 !  Many of you know the social truth that there is a high causal link between child abuse and childhood mistreatments and people presenting as fragmented up minds later whether that is inside Personality Disorders or Psychosis. 

You already know - there's plenty of proof for this (2006 Psychologist John Reads Work)... I mean meta studying 30 thousands studies is just a bit large of a truth isnt it ? Eh ?  So what happened after 2006 ?

Why ignore a massive unmet need for a large social scream of the unscreamed truth ?  Remember the child abused Child Migrants sent to Australia ! Remember the burial of truth about 1400 girls in Rotherham?  Remember some of your own lives ... Get brave and open up on  this shitty lying that's been going on for generations..... #MH2......    

Look! In Birmingham there is fuck all in the way of decent therapies for child abused people presenting with long term MH illness unless some go to R.S.V.P. Birmingham -   the RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE PROJECT - where service users from Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust end up sometimes.

What's that telling you ? Anything ? That Mental Health help is properly shaped?
That over-medicating crazed kids inside the minds of some psychotics is right ? Because that is what happens by default for people suffering old imprints of abuse and sexual persecutions that come out in twisted perceptions because of pain...  

This is way overdue to lift the lid #MH2 on abuses that have damaged lifetimes! 


Therapy First! 
Legalised Patient Choice! 
Stop the default discrimination 
Against child abused 
Adult survivor Patients !  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trust Over-uses Restraints In Birmingham + No Audits For Child Abused Yet

Dear Johnny,  CEO and Wizard of the Great Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Emerald Foundation Trust  , we are anonymous - well kind of.
So we qualify Great John - for writing to you according to your poster but with a Userwatch Duty Of Candour too that means we spit things out honestly. Quickly.  But that's an amazing poster John - great imagination -  but how does anyone get to contact you really?  .... We hear you do not seem as available as Sue Turner the retired CEO used to be....Hell !  We might be wrong John !  But it's what we hear from Service Users ...

Maybe we just do not know the privileged Users or special ones :)  who get to meet the Great John ! 
And hey ,  we also hear the Trust under you at the moment requires  improvement.  Quote from the CQC 2017 report  :

We are not being cheeky John --- Nahhh never that John .... We have our researchers out looking at CQC 2017 documents that state the Trust needs to improve. You know,  on chemical coshing of people because you were all still using out of date 2005 guidance from NICE and tranquilizing people too quickly!
Look John - as anonymous nobodies - qualifying to write to you - we have something to say about Child Abused Adult Survivors in mental health buried under all sorts of "treatments" which frankly denies human history....
Look John we all need a Duty Of Candour in our society don't we ?  Admitting real (child abused) history and historical damages are treated as mentally pilled  illness in far too many people ...

So lets get an audit of the problem out in society and stop discriminating against the child abuse survivors in mental health and get them Patient Choices of treatments ...
Bankers, which rhymes with another word -  that everyone has supported for years with spending cuts can help can't they now they are re-capitialised on the back of everyone ?  Or even politicians of all parties that never create remedies of Patient Choice Of Therapies for loads of personality disordered child abused people the BBC reported on lately can surely get their political insight arses into gear and audit child abuse in mental health adult survivors and correlate it with long term static psychotherapy-less disability ?
NO wonder child and other abused people go mad in the world when most are not even validated for the abuses they have suffered.  So John the Great,  what's been happening with  some of them at the Trust :  Quote from the same CQC report : 
You know that is sad .... With so much information that psychotic people too are mostly victims of childhood mis-treatments and child abuse (see John Read's work on over 30 thousand studies on causal links between child abuses and psychosis ) 


Monday, January 15, 2018

Lets Audit Child Abuse Factors In Mental Health Birmingham Users First

How the Birmingham Report In Abused Girls Was Suppressed

There is still much work to be done to expose why sexually/emotionally abused children end up as adults who evolve from them and have mental health illness created by others hurting their minds and bodies.   A lot of poor mental health even at the psychotic end of descriptors is caused by mistreatment in childhood....It's often been institutionally ignored. We contend it still is by Mental Health (MH) Trusts who do not audit child abuse backgrounds in the patients that come to them. Whether that be,  sexual abuses, physical or emotional abuses or mixtures of that over years. The result is patients with a static life on drugs and very poor supplies of empathic therapy rebuilding their emotional lives. We know that these arguments have been put forwards to MH Commissioners in Birmingham lately who have been re-designing services for Seriously Mentally ill people to get to work..The new model designed is a "Work As Recovery Driven Model".   Missing the fact that for years there's been no emotional rebuilding of broken core-self , in many of these pilled up folk .....
Anyone that wants to argue with this idea that Child Abuse causes mental illness can go and read the work by John Read (psychologist) and his colleagues who studied 30+ thousand studies on  causes of psychosis who found high correlations between abuse in childhood and fragmented minds.
UserWatch is aware of many Users in Birmingham that have been through poor care systems and care mistreatment. We are certainly aware too of the way politicians have been burying parts of the poor care system all the way back to the 1991 Jesson Report in Birmingham that saw patterns of child abuses ....We all saw too 1200 - 1400 girls affected by politically correct politicians and police not speaking up to protect them better in Rotheram  .
We say there is  a powerful need to Call For Evidence in Birmingham for the amount of buried child abuses in the mental health systems.  A powerful need to re-audit mental health service users for the amount of unheard untreated pain in their historically bound emotionally damaged lives ..
Where were their hearings ? Where was their validation ? Where was the longer term therapy supplies based on mourning and holding them ?  Where were there patient choices to get well properly ? Some of them had to end up going to the Rape Crisis Sexual Violence Project Centre to be properly heard decades after the mental health services "treated them" .... 
There are many MH Service Users under the radar of the media and the MH networkers out there under-reporting or not probing this buried factor of de-stabilising child abuse more....We know .... 


Many MH patients have been child abused and largely forgotten ... We need new nationwide audits on this to design services that aid trauma and therapy treatments,  that then means people can get well enough to reintegrate back into society ... Stop putting the cart of WORK first .... Treatment FIRST! ,,, 

Otherwise we will see Governments carp on about getting everyone into Work while people in fact remain with broken souls just under society's broad carpet sweeps,  of drugged memory,  and perversely shared social amnesia ... 


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Arts Banned At BSMFT Phoenix Mental Health Day Centre?

By Patient-Guard 

Well thanks for the poetry of the pain we say at Userwatch Collective... Sleeping as we all have been for years...Van Winkle Syndrome though meant we finally woke up alive with long beards to other's concerns.  Thanks to the Birmingham Mental Health (MH) Users who sent the email in of this Art Room poetry at the Erdington Phoenix Day Centre  where apparently for years patients were able to talk freely and now they have to have a staff member present. Wow! That is so retrograde and institutionalized.

We have been sent texts to show there's apparently been: "unsavoury talk" there... Sounds like the main cook at the Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust does not like the smell of the User Kitchen ? ..... The social dog bones they get are obviously a bit smelly lately ... Mind you we have always known the Board of the NHS Trust eat extremely well ... Users at the Phoenix Centre buy biscuits for each other, so they tell us. 

"Arts Banned" - There's Patient Democracy though down the sluice isn't it?  Maybe - but there are other User-networks the Trust does not control as an overarching service with it's eyes on (well paid)  massive monopoly services across Birmingham with it's own in-house User-intelligence squads watching and reporting back.....We know who they are....They do not know all of us watching them...   Of course,  until Patient's get real portable budgets for therapies once out crisis, and not the ridiculous superficial CBT Trust brand marked-up rubbish, which tells everyone thought-control trumps emotional damages, then the Birmingham Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust will continue with its self beliefs that it's model is fine and recovers people well. We think that is far from the truth over decades of examples and lives and deaths.

Yet the Phoenix Centre for Day Service Recovery for Serious Mental Illness patients,  (SMI's)  happens to be at the centre of a storm brewing over reasonable adjustments being made to old mind-damaged Users who are to be thrust into  new "Work As Recovery"  plans by a team of ex-PCT MH Commissioners who have had their eye on creating a "unified system of mental health recovery right across B'ham" .... Top down 3rd Sector monopoly is what this exercise actually is, with hidden needs to cut costs too. We have seen financial material that supports that assertion and we will follow up in later bloggy "articles".....

These good little ex PCT Commissioners with intellectual whizzyness but a lack of emotional wisdom, are selling some Users down the rivers of sorrows... No model has yet been developed to recover most patients with serious mental illness and the few which do somehow integrate, are favoured either by class connections, London networkers, who influence policy far too much,  or special supports that are graced only to the few ..... 

Many Users remain with family and socially damaged lives from way back and have PTSD like symptoms still ...Even the poor sods labelled Bi-Polar and Psychotic , Schitzophrenic etc.  We know along with others, tens upon tens of stories that never get heard of serious early damaged childhoods.  They never had deep enough empathic psychotherapy either and largely will never get it now  from NHS Trusts. It's like what once patient said to us : "It's slow death by mental health bureaucracy" 

But, we knew, that Patient Pain in Birmingham would surface around the remaining Day Services in being altered in April 2018 with older MH people in them suddenly being told by the renewed ex PCT  new CCG MH Commissioners, still filled with the London Centre For Mental Health ideas (once named Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health) to prepare for work .......

Even though many are ill or so damaged they cannot ever be fit enough...... 

Strange isn't it how an Art Room becomes a shut down User-Voice .... What jerks!  ... How they will shut down User voices Online ? ... Who cares though ? 

Maybe a few  professionals do,  and maybe when they realise the "work driven model" is not the "Treatment Model",  which has long been missing, because of the dominance of an anti emotional over medicalised mental health service, maybe things will alter ...... We will all dead by then probably ....Only bones will be posted here then ... Digital bones ...  

CBT and Work are often just the new social strait jackets which do not show up the mess alienated society has created emerging inside the patient's lives that are crazed at family level by it over generations..... 

Treatment and Choice Of Therapy First Please For Everyone Who Wants It..!

And, do  get the money off the bureau-monster orgs, by getting rid of them and making mental health truly more locally accountable and patient treatment driven. System driven analysis by CCG Mega MH Commissioners perversely creates more of itself rather than individuals being treated with money right there at the front line.  Do we always need bureau-serving classes upon new bureau-classes of health bureaucrats creating their privileged lives off the back of unmet need misery?  Or do we need localised mental health collectives monitored by lay people with some empathic therapy experience of gritted teeth life ,  and not the shiny Cogsters minds that pose as "good practice"...     


Friday, January 12, 2018

Totalisation Of The Birmingham Day Services to "Recovery" Services

A UserWatch Collective Writer
UPDATE : Under the new Clinical Commissioning Groups, (CCG's) rapidly growing in Birmingham into pointed new churches of  hyper-bureau-spires with GP Gods,  who have "spired up"  from flatter pyramid designs in Birmingham we have the old Primary Care Trust Team thinkers planning mental health provisions in old ways : "modernised" ... This is not good news ... It is all:  "Work Is Recovery"  - instead of "Treatments First" at the Patient Choice demand level.  Mental Health Commissioners in Birmingham (from PCT's) who should have been dis-invented long ago are still designing the UK mental health world without proper full Patient Choice in mental health. Remember in mental health discrimination exists and is perpetuated by Commissioners and Governments  because there are no real choices of recovery provision. Certainly no patient-experience drivers for better recovery treatments (post crisis)  which fit patients better by their choices with their own portable budgets which competitively raise the game of therapy provision that works for people.  In other words a market therapies culture,  led by service user culture,  that really tests the NHS monopoly branding of CBT soup with drugs for all with a dash of other more superficial therapies....
No, you won't get a serious market like that under Labour (with it's bureau-classes in deep tidal undertow)  or with Tories who have a keen eye on cost restrictions. What you have between the two Red Mad/Blue Sad Party State  is "Work Recovery" services ... With a ton of shibbolethic insider phrases in Commissioner documents like:  "peer led services" and  other gumph.....Rather than "resolution of emotional life crises done by longer term therapy" 
In Birmingham, Better Pathways,  an ex industrial therapy service is the head of the latest Consortia in 2018 taking over "Integrated" - "Recovery" services and that sat years ago at the table of the PCT Mental Health Commissioners ... Like Birmingham MIND .... Another organization that is really less like a Charity now and more like a business for more admin classes..... What is seriously bad about these evolving "peer led" services embedded in 3rd Sector alliances is the way they falsify real recovery .....

Some service users are bought off by roles of "importance" that give them bits of power over other service users.... At the bottom of that well designed modernised social ditch is a feeling of shit ...Yes shit.. Why is that ? Because the system is using people (Users) against people (Users) who barely have lives and crave bits of importance ...It's another layer of socially justified neurosis where real needs for healing and personal integration will not happen, instead it's a co-dependent compensatory measure of bad faith in truer healing.

It lacks integrity and truthful authentic healing.....It is the modernised "Workhouse" come back from the emotionally thick-torian past and it does not believe in healing but forceful integration into a messy city of over-immigrated EU and other populations looking for resources, bottom end jobs, in competition with anyone, and that includes mind-crippled unhealed Service Users ....Can this work ?  No,  but it will be promoted as if it can.....  

Meanwhile we all continually pay in the UK for "Incapacity Benefits" still for the UK banking world which sold everyone out on casino banking with the global gambling of packaged false debts sold as sub prime "investments" ....
Mental Health Commissioners in Birmingham are a sitting class-pretty with nice lives, holidays , retirement plans etc  but push old ideas which will injure service user lives rather than heal them by enfranchisement of Patient Choice of treatments.

Mind you the Commissioners are going to dole out "Personal health budgets" of a possible £800 for about 73 service Users by about 2019/20... Those budgets UserWatch believes will be shaped around: "Work Is Recovery" .... Rather than any Patient Choice therapy led provisions for the many Service Users who were mistreated badly as kids and remain a buried lost factor in Mental Health Services who will barely admit a large number of their patients are in fact long term child and social abuse victims...... Who needs therapy !  ...Work for your living! Yeahhh ...... Sure ...     

Friday, December 01, 2017


 Patient Guard Correspondent : Dec 1st 2017 .

So now you know. The Bureau-Koggery named Local "HealthWatch" set up by similar minded pollytricky politicians (NO you do not have a party or friends) means in Birmingham at least you have no mental health monitors that check service design independently to see if it works  or to review it. 

Today, that was passed onto us by a well known ex mental health monitor who would never bend to the ways of the Bureau-saurus's.  Mind you there are plenty of half-way strange service-user-arrangements that have grown up in the local all too alive Siberian mammoth Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust ....

There,  they now have "See Me" workers and now  "Peer to Peer" workers (some paid and others Voluntary .....And other softly Sovieted like ranks..... Spilling outwards at least partly from the all too influencing London policy tricksters (yes, you too NSUN) who are always re-inventing new ways to make some new "entry level working" User bureacracy, into the latest game of "Social Inclusion" that pays the "recovering" few..... Who never quite leave the Trust anyway. 

"Peer to Peer" workers whose "training" costs £1100 a throw (there are 30 such people in the Birmingham Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust) is the new brand of "moving forwards" - "Progress" .... Where on earth Patient Choice Of recovery treatments went to,  with proper budgets for therapy or training, defeats us at the sleeping half hibernating UserWatch  caves where we went primitive and drew buffaloes in our deep feeling yowling therapies that made sense ....

Yet there,  is the shock ... No HEALTHWATCH mental health monitors ... No-one independent to compare service delivery intentions to that of actual mental service user experience .. No-one to guard the Patients against the regalia of "patient devices"  including the paid Charitocracy,  set up to "protect them" and other mental health service users playing inside that.....

But of course, there are little sectional ex-service-users interests inside  Trusts too stuck inside a conflict of interest zone because as ex-patients they:  "want to get on" .....At whose expense ?

Yeah sure -- they have : "lived experience" as patients, some claim ..... Our strong advice is stop trying to be others in their half dead skins and let that come alive properly  by supporting the truer integrity of  Legalised Patient Choice and Independent Advocacy - namely a Patient Choice budget too that fits the needs for retraining in safe places (not necessarily colleges) or indeed for therapies. 

Here's an example of NHS Trust failure ... One User who contacted us could not get the right therapy for being mistreated as a child so had to use a Rape Victim Centre where that Centre helped with near 50 sessions of counselling.  What did the Trust do over years of that person's pain.  Fuck all in any therapy that was any good apparently... "Forget the Past",  it's happened and ignore the pain of the flashbacks ...Distract yourself from them cognitively ..  Yeahhh sure ...It's only a memory .. Whatever you do,  do not seek to drain down the pain via therapeutic crying... Nooooooo .... That's the (general UK wide)  NHS Trust's position...

So have a guess what ... We know lots of patients that have suffered child abuse and rape as kids and it's all buried inside their "diagnosis" ..... So why you might ask,  is there no UK wide mental health patient enquiry into the long term affects of historical child abuses ...?

The point is, mental health agony and pain about rapes, child abuses, and early mis-treatments, need emotional draining down into mourning....And social witnessing too. Ahhhhhhh, but the NHS Trust money gets tied up to social engineering people "back to work" via schemes that divert money and opportunity for treatments and that social engineering does not work for many who are just kept inside maladies even more.....Welcome to the shadow worlds. 

Patient Guard: Dec 1st 2017 .


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alice And The Healing Bringer

Alice said

In the discovery and recovery of abuse
You see the transgenerational use
Of blame of that wild child

Everyone swears they did their best
Yet no-one seriously guessed
How secret voids of uncare were piled

Oh, they were invisible enough
Told tales over with idealised family stuff
But the natural Self never really smiled

It's like the photo's they all took
On each shoulder a secret miserable Rook
Referred to as: " wonderful life" and filed..

Well perhaps for some it's not go numb and dumb
Be well suited up, tidied and glum
And look meek and mild

But when you go against the colder hate
Seek comfort alone and moon masturbate
You know it's family deprivation re-styled ......

[Ahhh - the Rook said .. That's what my secret purpose was]

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flak Continues At Flickr

There's little doubt after having read hundreds of comments of many ex Flickr Users on the recently deleted forum thread of nearly 30,000 comments (see below) that many Users had not been forewarned at all about the Flickr "Shockr" User interface and format changes . This would have given Users  a reasonable time for adjustments, or to export their work, records , family photo's etc somewhere  or otherwise back to their computers or other devices.

Yet the black shock Yahoo/Flickr tactics simply were not guided by good ethical practice. The simple truth is Flickr Users deserved better communications about changes well before they happened.  Bad managment ? Yes absolutely terrible.

Flickr staff closed down the "Help" forum thread which became reputationally dangerous for more of the internet-"press" to see,  when many of them anyway  were mostly standing on the Yahoo-fence and were simply being on-message in the media community where favours are done by not reporting the ground based User-experienced facts .  Well that is,  until the bottom-up Users bite back

Yet for all the deletion of the "Help" forum comments,  and now a replacement thread,  there's still been a large amount of Flickr Users throwing the towel in :

It's not just one Flickr User,  as above,  with a lot images to re-adjust storage for,  it's others with the same problem who have gone to which frankly offers more functionality than the good old Flickr did ..It offers music upolad , document upload and film upload,  as well as image upload.

There is a group : New Flickr Survivors with over 800 in it 

It's worth a look for those who like developing online community inside relaxed white space rather than the frenetic tumbles of images that has now become . Not that the new format does not suit some people. Apparently some like it . Fair enough. changes have been  a loss though and a no-win situation for many Flickr Users . Many did try to voice reasonable points but they were ignored by Flickr's Community Management Staff for days.  Many were accused of being "whingers or whiners" by some of the perverser Flickr pro-change members.  That has been echoed in other quarters by pro-yahoo bloggers who need to show that somehow ordinary folk who "whine"  are lesser-subcultures ....

This was just another injury to wounds,  symptomatic of badly managed change that happened without warnings for Flickr User's  personal adjustments .

Flickr-staff now are showing they hear people rather than being invisible .  Its very late "good practice" but maybe late is better than never ..In the new Forum with over 2000 Users mostly negative comments there is finally some better Flickr Staff communication .


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flickr Staff Thea To Throw Towel In ?

With the Thor's hammered alterations at the Yahoo US Flickr photo and image storing site still underway and the majority of (vocal) users there unhappy,  with many apparently gone or stunned into photo-store imprisonments, or some waiting still for deeper compromises,  there are light moments on the forum cliffs where the various birds scream at the Flickr hawks. They have good cause - investing as they have done in creating niches over years which have been spoiled by shocking black swoops of advertising-eagles searching for revenue nests they can exploit. 

Thea Lamkin (Flickr communication staff heading the "Help Forum" messages) who claimed in her twitter post of 21st May that she is an "iiiiiiisland" in one of her latest twitter posts  is a communicator purely of the on-message new Yahoo-Flickr stance that no great changes backwards to a prefered "classic view"   will happen but essentially Flickr will tweek and squeak about etc.

Thea tweets now : "Good day for a towel" ... 

Does she want to throw it in ? 

Nah.... It's just getting slightly warmer in the San Francisco area which features Alcatraz and is famous for the Bird man who liked tweeters too   . There are rumours though that Flickr may put it's servers there because of threats about  Terror biting Flickr Users . Userwatch is keeping contact with Homeland Security and is alerting them to too many free Terror biters being about 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

25000 User Posts Later Flickr Claimed To Be "Failr"


No apologies from Marissa Mayer for no full consultation on Flickr image-site changes.

 It just gets sadder and sadder on Flickr as no-one from Yahoo accounts properly to the vast majority of User posts (over 25000 now) to state there will be no final compromise with many of the paying Flickr Pro users. Compromise solutions have been put forwards for Flickr staff  (Yahoo) to consider such as having both  Flickr versions: "classic"  (plenty of white space to aid focus)  and "new"  (scrolling joined up boxes together) but someone is not for budging at all . 

Userwatch thinks it might have helped if Flickr-Yahoo had spelt out their business plan (to corral more ad revenue)  and future view of where Flickr was going and why it was so necessary for Flickr to change - yet users were shortchanged on that  inclusive, informing way, to create better toleration of change . 

The black shock of sudden change taking control of all Flickr User's images, the way they are shown and the dissent, is not stopping .


Friday, May 24, 2013

Exclusive Yahoo CEO Stress Over Flickr Changes


UserWatch had a unique insight into Yahoo's CEO and the stressful job of turning flickr photo-storers  into little woolly Yahoo advertsing sheep using their bleeting photographs encoded warmly to look for more mobile sheep looking for bits of incidental ad-grass to bite on or get hooked by. Hungry little devils !  

In the mass manipulation trade of sheep Adology it is known a virtuous eco-circle equation of hungry big corporo-wolves hanging around tasty little site-sheepies . The wolves are known as the Terrorbytes to those in the Adological jaw dripping and clawing circles . 

Yet you have to have whimpathy for the CEO and her issue that she does not like the fact that "Flickr" sort of rythmes with "Marissr" and may change the site name to FUMBLR... It has become an irritating almost synonym-like relationship of late,  but let's face it stress is good for you and pulled out hair can be transplanted again on the pay of a CEO ...

If you want to see Marissa prompting partly her own applause at a promotion of the new Flickr  you can see it HERE